5 Basic steps to make an aquarium

You are an aquarium enthusiast and want to make your own aquarium. Here are the basic steps you need to know to make a good aquarium:

Choose the space, type, and size to place the aquarium.

With a small space on the desk, mini glass vases, round vases are the most suitable. It is important to remember that the size of the mouth of the tank must be guaranteed so that you can easily clean the aquarium water. You can order or make your own, to suit the criteria you set.

+ Prepare the filter: the filter is a very necessary device for the aquarium. Pay attention when choosing a filter, you need to choose a filter with a type and capacity suitable for the size of the tank. If your tank is smaller than 10 gallons, you should buy the best filters for mini aquariums.

+ Buy heating equipment: to ensure the water temperature in your aquarium is always stable at the most suitable threshold for fish and aquatic plants. Most fish species require a temperature range (24°C-27°C), however, some species will require higher or lower temperatures. Therefore, you need to carefully research the fish species before buying.

Making the aquarium background:

There are many types of substrates and ways to make the base, each place to buy an aquarium has its own background techniques. Therefore, newbies when setting up an aquarium should learn the technical basics and ask the fertilizer seller for more advice on which is the most suitable. When you are inexperienced, you should only start with easy-to-live aquatic plants.

+ Decorate with accessories such as stones, pebbles, driftwood for your aquarium. You can refer to beautiful aquarium samples to follow.

Add water and plug aquatic plants into the tank:

Usually, put water in about 2/3 of the tank and then plug in the aquatic plants, use tweezers (medical tools) to plug the plants in the layout you like, then fill them with water. bellows. When adding water to the tank, you need to avoid direct flow into the gravel and sand layer, disturbing the foundation.

+ Let the aquarium filter run (24/24) to remove harmful substances in the water and increase the oxygen concentration in the water.

Provide light for aquatic plants to grow

Turn on the lights for the aquarium on average about 10 hours a day (best open 5 hours in the morning + turn off 2 hours for lunch + open 5 more hours in the evening), limit opening at night because there are some plants that need to “sleep”. If your aquarium is located in a place with a lot of light, you can reduce the time to turn on the lights for the aquarium.

Release fish:

The time to release fish depends on the water source and the type of background you choose. If it is tap water, after about 2 days, release the fish to let the chlorine fly away. If you choose the industry, it takes at least 1-2 weeks, every week to change 50% of the water to reduce NO3, otherwise, it will kill the fish. You should calculate the number of fish that can be kept in the tank in accordance with the size of the designed tank. Avoid fish that cannot be kept together.

Above are the basic steps you need to pay attention to to make an aquarium.

It’s great to be able to make your own fish tank according to your own preferences.

Good luck!