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What Table Saw Blade Is Best For Ripping –  All You Need To Know

Posted by Mark Crawford on

Each table saw blade comes to the market at different sizes, prices, and functions. If you are struggling with choosing what table saw blade is best for ripping, https://www.discoveriesla.com will help you out. Do not hesitate to give our article a check!

What Table Saw Blade Is Best For Ripping?

It’s a good table saw under 300$ for ripping; and to To choose one, you need to consider:

Tooth Geometry

Tooth Geometry plays an essential role in ripping certain materials such as MDF and laminates. A tooth geometry includes the top profile, the angles, and the hook angle. 

The angles and top profile have to work together. This combination will produce a cleaner cut. The hook refers to the angle of the tooth face about the central line of the blade. With the positive hook of the blade, the teeth will cut more aggressively. By contrast, the negative hook means that the teeth are angled back instead of blade rotation control.

Tooth Count 

The number of teeth is one of the most important things when choosing saw blades that are best for ripping. 

Generally, a blade with more teeth can make smoother cuts but runs hotter. To abstain from overheating, 3-5 teeth need to be locked during a rip cut. 

A blade with fewer teeth for cutting thick stock would be perfect to keep up the right engaged-tooth proportion. The number of teeth will depend on your purpose, but people normally choose between 40 and 80.

Kerf Width

A saw blade’s teeth need to ensure a wide enough cut to permit the blade plate to go through the kerf. To make the blade work smoothly and provide perfect cuts without a ton of scoring on the cut’s edge, you need to ensure the blade plate is considerable enough to absorb vibration and deal with the heat generated during the cut.

Blade Coatings

Blade coatings can help blades run cooler and make them simpler to clean


Overall, there are many tables that saw blades options for you to choose from. Therefore, you need to consider carefully which tool best suits your purposes and job requirements. With the guide of what table saw blade is best for ripping, you can quickly determine to buy one that suits you the best.

Good luck with your purchase, and see you in our next posts on how to know whether it’s a good table saw under 300$!